Cowboy Suits, and Coffee Carts(?)

Cowboy Suits, and Coffee Carts(?)

The past two weeks have been long, with days of driving and complex situations for Woodrow F. Call (John's personal service dog in training) to train through as he journeyed from rural Wyoming to the Southern California Coast for the first time in the puppy's life. Two days and 1,500 miles of driving brought opportunity to spread the word about the growing movement that is Honorguard. Each stop at gas stations, a conversation at restaurants and rest stops helps us to bring awareness to the incredible power of these canine heroes.

Honorguard was invited to speak to business leaders and public servants in San Diego to raise awareness for the Mission: Ending the veteran suicide crisis through the power of service dogs. In the process John and I met with incredible people, like yourself, that have taken up the mission as their own and we couldn't be more grateful for all the support our growing community has shown, together we can move mountains and bring a service dog to every veteran that needs one. 

There are some amazing partnerships being built and incredible programs that we are currently building behind the scenes that I cannot wait to tell you about. In the meantime, jump on one of our coffee subscriptions (the easiest way to support our mission) and continue to tell your friends and family about Honorguard, YOU are making this possible, together we can end veteran suicide.

Finally, I want to hear from you! How are we doing, is there anything we could do better? Is there a coffee or tea that you would love to see us offer? Is there a link on the website thats broken? (I built the website myself with zero web development experience, feedback greatly appreciated) Email me directly:

Our mission is yours to share,