Mission Update: Building Momentum and Making Moves

Mission Update: Building Momentum and Making Moves

Honoring 4-leg Heroes

We’ve commissioned 3 new pieces of art to honor some true four-legged warriors – Chips, Rags, and Valdo. These military working dogs are heroes in their own right, and we're thrilled to immortalize their stories in stunning new artwork. This isn't just about honoring their legacy; it's a prelude to something big – new products are on the horizon, and trust me, they're something special.


The first rule of Coffee Club is talk to everyone about Coffee Club

Get ready for a sneak peek into our upcoming offering: small batch, fresh roasted, single-origin coffee. Sourced from small family farms globally, each month will bring a new batch from a different corner of the world. It's like taking a coffee journey across continents, right from your cup. We can’t wait for you to experience these unique flavors!


About the Dogs

On the service dog front, we’re stitching together some powerful partnerships. It's a bit early for the grand reveal, but believe me, big things are brewing behind the scenes. The impact we’re about to make together... it’s going to be monumental.


You can help today!

Now, here’s where you come in: swing by our social media, give us a follow, and engage with our content. Your likes, comments, and shares aren’t just interactions; they’re the fuel that propels our mission forward, helping us reach more eyes, more hearts. Let’s amplify our mission together and make waves in the social sphere.

Stay tuned, stay passionate, and as always, stay in the fight.

With Gratitude,
Steven Ferguson, Founder & CEO