Sergeant Stubby Boston Terrier Hero of World War 1
Sergeant stubby boston cowboy of ww1

Boston Cowboy

  • Medium-Dark Roast
  • Origin: Worldwide Blend
  • Bold, Robust Flavor
  • The coffee choice for when you want COFFEE

Indulge in Boston Cowboy, our most beloved coffee that combines medium and dark roast beans to create a flavor-packed experience like no other. With delightful notes of cocoa, caramel, and vanilla, this blend promises a truly satisfying cup of joe.

Just as Stubby, the heroic World War I veteran, did his part in lifting spirits and ensuring the safety of those around him, our Cowboy Blend coffee aims to uplift your day. Stubby was a true American hero, serving valiantly with the 102nd Infantry during World War I. He even detected a hidden German spy in the Argonne Forest, holding onto the seat of the spy's pants until help arrived for the capture. Throughout his illustrious journey, Stubby crossed paths with three U.S. Presidents – Wilson, Harding, and Coolidge, a testament to his extraordinary service and loyalty.

As you savor every sip of Stubby's Cowboy Blend, you pay homage to a remarkable hero and support our mission to provide service dogs to veterans in need. Enjoy this coffee with a cause, where every cup brings us one step closer to making a difference.

Size12 oz
StyleWhole Bean

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Boston Cowboy