Specialty grade coffee fresh roasted

Founded by Marines, Built for Veterans

Saving Veterans One Service Dog at a Time

Specialty Grade Coffee

Honorguard delivers specialty-grade, high-quality coffee, crafted in small batches and sourced from family farms around the world.

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Who is Honorguard?

Honorguard is more than a Beverage!

We are a community dedicated to saving Veterans lives by pairing them with service dogs.

All you have to do to join this powerful movement is purchase one of our specialty grade beverages above.

Two Marines, Founders of the Honorguard

For those who want to help...

Our mission at Honorguard is to combat veteran suicide and PTSD while offering crucial companionship to veterans in need. Steven & John have done the heavy lifting, with dogs and trainers prepared and standing by.

All that remains is for you to enjoy our specialty grade coffee, knowing each purchase supports this noble cause.


Veterans suffering from depression. -National Institute of Health


Veterans living with symptoms of PTS -VA


Veterans lost to suicide every day -VA

The Handoff

Operation Arctic Blitz: I traveled from Oregon to Ketchikan, Alaska, to deliver Charlie, an Airedale puppy, to his new owner, Raymond. Raymond, a Vietnam veteran, reached out through our partner organization, VCIA, seeking help to transport his future service dog. Honorguard stepped up to ensure that Raymond could receive Charlie, a puppy destined to be more than a pet but a constant companion in Raymond's life.

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