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John and I (Steven) met while serving in the Marine Corps in 2017 and quickly became best friends. Collectively we have 7 deployments ranging from Afghanistan and Iraq to a Marine Expeditionary Unit and Crisis Response, yet the most difficult challenge we have ever faced was transition into civilian life, as it is for many veterans of the US Military.

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Tradgedy: The Veteran Suicide Crisis

Complicating the matter of my transition, we lost a dear friend and fellow Marine to suicide, Staff Sergeant Noah S. Bratcher. Between losing Noah and struggling with the transition my life fell apart as I battled depression, PTS (post traumatic stress), and faced down the ever present specter of suicide. The darkness had taken hold and I was slowly losing myself, I was on track to become one of the 16.8 veterans lost each day to suicide.

A Lifeline Found

On September 20, 2021 I adopted Venus, the border collie that saved my life. Immediately she began to change my life with her unconditional love, and innate ability to know just what I needed, even when I didn’t.

A Dog Trained

Training was difficult, but Venus excelled. Through her hard work and the of some amazing volunteers I trained her to earn the AKC title of Canine Good Citizen, and became my full fledged service dog.

Service dogs lined up, sitting and laying down.
Service dogs lined up, sitting and laying down.

A Life Saved

Venus transformed my life and now we are on a mission: To end veteran suicide through the healing power of service dogs

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